Logistics Service and Machine Park

In such a period of worldwide competitiveness, where traditional geographic bonders and distances aren’t a problem of mobility, the availability of products in a wished place and in the right moment represent a very competitive value.

Our purpose is to offer a complete service for facing each transport inquiry.

Thanks to key factors, as a qualified staff, vehicles, warehouses of property, avantgarde technologies and ability in listening, SABBIE INDUSTRIALI SRL proposes personalized solutions.

Our job is to offer complete services so that our customers can focus on their core business.

Machines Park

  • Lorries (trucks
  • Trucks with or without crane
  • Trucks with hydraulic tailgate
  • Lateral or back tippers
  • Tankers with pneumatic unloading
  • Sliding trucks
  • Tractor-trailers

Sabbie Industriali does shipments through vessel with material in containers or loose in Europe and in any country in the world.

Contact us

For information on Sabbie Industriali products and services, you can fill out the contact page form or contact us via our direct contacts:
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