Sabbie Industriali embellishs its offer proposing a wide selection of ornamental quartz sands.

Our proposal includes the production and the commercialization of coloured ceramic quartz sands and of high quality decorative stones available in many colours.

Making of row materials occurs thanks to the use of latest generation machineries and the careful choice of deposits permit us to provide to the customer high quality products with brilliant colours.

Choosing the quality of our brand you could select, from an ample range of colours, the favourite and suitable tones for you.

Our quartz sands for industry

Ornamental quartz sands proposed by Sabbie Industriali are used in different fields and, in each specific application, can always guarantee the best efficiency.

Our products are easily perfect and they distinguish themselves for the unique coloration and for the meticulous grain analysis that assures the perfect quality.

Our ornamental quartz sands are particularly suitable for the realisation of indoor and outdoor decorations.

In particular they are perfect for the realization of elegant and harmonious decor accessories.

Sabbie industriali: sands for building and industry which meet each demand of the customer.

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