The firm Sabbie Industriali deals with the sale of quartz sands for industry.

Precisely Sabbie Industriali is a well known brand in all Europe thanks to the wise organization that distinguishes the company management.

Competence of our team and availability of our sale office are the two elements that lead the customer to the choice of the best product and the careful selection of deposits, from which our row materials come, together with the stable control of our lab, are the two elements that offer to the market the best guarancy of quality.

We have always domain the Italian market, proposing personalized solutions to our customers, studied for satisfying any singular necessity.

We are specialized in the sale of:

  • quartz sands for industry
  • sands for sports facilities
  • decorative quartz sands
  • quartz sands for building

Any of our proposal is constantly embellished by the competence of our staff and by the mutiannual experience that has always distinguished us.

For particular needs, not included in our website, or for an offer, please contact our sales office.

Our team can help you to find the suitable product and to answer to any particular demand, thanks to our competence and quality.

Sabbie Industriali: quartz sands for industry perfect for any necessity.

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