Sabbie Industriali is present in the market proposing a wide assortment of sands for industry. Silica sands of the best quality, quartz sands for building, selected sands for industry, sands for sports facilities and industrial sands of different kind, composition, shape and grain size.

Our team will identify the ideal product that answer to your need and, working with competence and kindness, will always suggest you the better proposal.

Our sands come from deposits positioned in many parts of the world and the costant monitoring of our techical office guarantees to the final customer an efficient product, functional and qualitatively greater.

Our company policy is to satisfy any needs of the customer and for this reason we are organized in a way that permit us to answer to any demand regarding type and quality of the offered materials. For further information regarding our deposits of sands for building, industry and sports facilitiies, please contact our sales office and tell us your needs. we will surely answer to your inquiries with an absolute professionality and kindness, giving you in the same time the most competitive price on the market.

Sabbie Industriali: high quality sands for building and industry.

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