The firm Sabbie Industriali proposes sands for any kind of field.

In particular it offers sands for sport facilities that can always guarantee to the customer the best functionality of the ground and the best performance of the infill.

In particular our firm is specialized in the commercialization of natural coloured silica sands, quartz sands with high silica content and sands coated with resin and pigments of first choice.

All the listed sands can be used for the infill of ground in synthetic grass or for the building and mainteinance of blankets in natural grass.

Precisely silica sand comes from the best national deposits and it is manly indicated for the infill of football grounds and more sports.

Quartz sand comes from foreign deposits and, as ceramic sand, is a valid solution for coating tennis courts.

In particular the ceramic sand is proposed in four standard colours: green, intense red, rust red and blue (all colours on request).

The wide range of ceramic sands also includes the dark brown ceramic sand. This is a variety largely used for the infill in synthetic grass in landscapes because it accurately reproduces the visual effect of natural terrain.

The perfect logistic organization that characterize our brand will guarantee fast and in time deliveries.

Sabbie Industriali: sands for sports facilities that are second to none.

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