The firm Sabbie Industriali proposes a wide range of quartz sands for building. Thanks to the multiannual professional experience of its members, our firm works in Italy and in Europe, offering to its customers one of the most wide assortments of sands for building and industry. In particular our successful professionality permits us to satisfy always the customer, proposing personalized solutions and offering materials for specific uses.
Personalisation of our service is possible thanks to the high professional qualification that identify our human resources and thanks to the technology that characterizes our gears.
Professionality, technological innovation and traditional comprehension of the customer esigences… these three elemets characterize our professional service. Our sales office is always at your disposal offering technical and qualitative information of our industrial sands and suggesting the best product. Our sales offer is ample and various.

Precisely we offer sands for sports facilities, quartz sands for building, different variety of sands for industry. For any particular need, i.e. for personalized offers, you only have to contact our customer care. A competent operator will satisfy any request, proposing you the most suitable product, ideal to satify your personal need. Sabbie industriali: sands for industry, perfect for you needs!

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